Dear Colleague!

A friendly welcome to you from the International School of Clinical Ultrasonography (ISCUS) and its Flying Faculty (ISCUS-FF)!

ISCUS offers a range of programmes in clinical ultrasonography training in internal medicine with all its subspecialties. These programmes comprise all type of teaching – basic seminars and courses (with a high proportion of hands on), advanced workshops and/or courses, and "teach the teachers" programmes.

The Flying Faculty is the ISCUS mobile "task force". It consists of an international faculty of experienced physicians specializing in clinically performed ultrasonography. They provide all sorts of lecturing and hands on training experience. The Flying Faculty travels worldwide to the institutions and to medical doctors who request for education in clinical ultrasonography. Our experience has shown that teaching and training in the trainee's environment is the most efficient method.

Another major task of ISCUS-FF is the inclusion of trainees as guest physicians amongst the clinical environment of the teacher, which will result in developing their ultrasound skills.

We hope to answer all questions on the website links. In case you are interested in ISCUS-FF activities, or would like to comment on our work, don't hesitate to contact us.

Sincerely yours,
Lucas Greiner, MD

Professor of Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology
Seminar Leader of DEGUM (German Society of Ultrasonography)
Director of ISCUS-FF

Last updated Thursday, December 02, 2010.